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This photo shows the Ecola Toll Road with its 111 hairpin curves from Seaside to Cannon Beach. Once visitors arrived to Cannon Beach, they would vacation at the coast for weeks at a time, often staying the whole summer, and thus became a part of the community.

There were a variety of reasons for these long-term stays, but one of the most important was that before the time of good cars and good roads, it took time and trouble to reach coastal resorts. It was once seven hours from Portland to the coast, on roads so winding that nausea was a condition of the trip.

It wasn’t until 1950 that a new highway between Seaside and Cannon Beach eliminated the 111 curves, making the trip from Portland to the coast just an hour and a half. #CannonBeach #Oregon #cars #road #tollroad #trees #OregonCoast #travel #TravelOregon #OregonExplored #ExploreCannonBeach #history #museum #vacation.
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