Your Stay at Surfsand Resort

Pool and Spa at Surfsand Resort

What will my Surfsand Resort stay look like?


Beginning March 12, 2022, masks will not be required in indoor public spaces in accordance with the recent Oregon mandate by Gov. Kate Brown.


We are currently offering spa services through our preferred partner, Stephanie Inn. We are happy to provide a shuttle service to and from your appointment.

Beer Tasting & Ice Cream Social

Enjoy beer tasting on Fridays & Saturdays and Ice Cream Socials on Saturdays. Come see us and take your taster set or ice cream to the beach!

Coffee, Tea, & Cookies

Coffee and tea are available in your guestroom and in the lobby. Our infamous Cookie Hour featuring our individually packaged, fresh-baked daily, Surfsand cookies can still be found at the lobby at 3:30 pm every day.

Movie List

Enjoy a movie with the family from our extensive DVD list, which can be found on your in-room tablet. Don’t forget to stop by the front desk for some popcorn!

Beach Safety

Keep the Beach Safe
Large holes left unattended are not legal in Cannon Beach. Please fill any hills you dig at the end of the day, so no one gets hurt if they step in them.

Watch out for sneaker waves
Always keep one eye on the ocean so you won’t be caught off guard if a bigger wave surges up the beach. These “sneaker waves” are unpredictable, powerful, and can easily knock adults off their feet.

Hike like a pro
Be careful on rocks and near cliffs. Rocks can be slippery and cliffs can be unstable due to erosion. Stay on marked trails and don’t climb over fences or other barriers.

Watch for falling rocks
Avoid walking along the base of cliffs or eroding bluffs. Chunks of rocks can fall at any time; areas with overhangs and caves are especially dangerous. Do not dig in cliffs or bluffs.

Avoid logs on the beach
Stay away from logs on the beach or in the surf. The logs absorb water like sponges, increasing their weight by up to several tons. The ocean is strong enough to pick up even the heaviest log.

Know the tides
Know when the tide is coming in, especially when exploring tidepools or secluded beaches. Incoming tides can quickly leave you stranded away from shore. Be extra careful during extreme high or low tides and storms.

Swim smart
Rip currents are fast-moving water channels that can carry even the strongest swimmers away from shore. If you’re ever caught in one, stay calm. A rip current is fast but narrow; swim parallel to the shore to escape it, then swim back to land at an angle.