Get to Know Your Room

Welcome to Surfsand Resort. Whether you are a frequent guest, or this is your first time visiting the resort, to make sure that you can enjoy the special touches that are included in every guestroom, here are some tips about the room to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience during your time with us.


  • Side Table
    • On motion activated safety sensor lights. This light is unable to be turned off.
  • Mini-Fridge
    • Light is generally turned OFF. Light and temperature controls are inside top right.
    • To turn Off/On: Open fridge, look for light icon at the top and push it to turn Off/On.
    • The temperature is set at the ideal 36 degrees and will cool down if it reads higher.
  • Headboard Lights (Beachfront rooms only)
    • The On/Off switch is located on the headboard below the light.

AC & Heating

  • Press the Power button to turn it on.
  • Set unit to Auto to control Heal and Cooling and select desired temperature.
  • M button is for Mode. Press to change from Cool, Heat, Auto and Fan.
  • The fan button controls the speed of the fan.
  • Arrow with half circle button controls the angle the air comes out.
  • Timer creates a scheduled time. Push until it IS set to OFF for easier control of unit.
  • The resort suggests setting the thermostat to AUTO, then selecting the temperature level you prefer and letting the system do the rest.


  1. Use remote to turn on TV
  2. There are three guide channels 10-1, 30-1, & 48-1 – Each guide has a list of unique channels.
  3. Scroll using channel up or down to the channel you desire to watch.
  4. Call the front desk for a printed list.


A safe is installed in rooms for your safety. Safes are located in the bed base drawers at the foot of the bed.

Starlight Projector

Starlight Projector

  1. Power Button: After power on, by using the power button, you can turn On/Off the projector.
  2. Star/Northern Lights Control Button: Through this button you can choose the mode you like:
    • Star + Northern Lights
    • Stars Only
    • Northern Light Only
  3. Short press to select the previous song | Long press to decrease volume.
  4. Short press to select the next song | Long press to increase volume.

Extra Bedding

Spare pillows and bedding are in the closet.

Rain Shower System

  1. Turn handle clockwise to turn on.
  2. The farther to the right/clockwise you turn the handle the hotter the water.
  3. Press the button on the wand to switch between the rain shower and handheld wand.
  4. Adjust the height of the handheld wand with the lever on the handle.

Tubs With Rain Shower System

  1. Turn handle clockwise to turn on.
  2. Pull lever located on the tub spout up to turn on shower.
  3. Push lever located on spout down to turn on tub spout.

Digital Fireplace

  1. Control panel is on top right of fireplace – Remote is resting on fireplace frame
  2. Use power button to turn on – located on the far right of control panel
  3. Heat control is located on far left of control panel.

Please feel free to call anytime at (503) 436-2274

Enjoy Your Stay!